Social Responsibility

Refinery PETROTEEL-LUKOIL pays a special attention to social guarantees and to social and charity programs, according to the principles of Company.

Annually, a complex sponsor and charity program is granted by Company LUKOIL, towards the increase of life quality of its employees and their families, as well as to the community where it belongs.

Below, some of the main directions of application of this program. 

Each year the refinery is actively involved in the implementation of ecological education programs for children in schools and high schools of Prahova County, in cooperation with Administrative institutions. Afforestation of Ploiesti City's Dumpsite – Project to be accomplished for 5 years period of time (2013-2018) in partnership with Local Administration, Rotary Club, Forest District and volunteers. Our results following the 4th year are outstanding, the entire area of approximately 10 000 m2 made available by the City Hall of Ploiesti City showing as a young screen forest. 

Thank you, volunteers! We'll keep doing it, in 2017!

Refinery is Partner of the unique book of research" MONOGRAPHY OF PRAHOVA COUNTY", under the coordination of the Romanian Academy and the Corp of researchers from the Universities of Romania with great tradition.

Supporting the broadcast contests ("SUPER STAR" and "BEST"), by awarding prizes to the winners (the period between May - November 2016).

Core value has always been people, their security, development, improvement of working conditions and pride in their workplace. 

Each of these components is essential and is a priority in people development. PETROTEL-LUKOIL social policy is aimed at the realization of social, legal and economic guarantees for the employees providing them a decent standard of living. 

The priority is to protect the health of staff. All employees are insured under voluntary health insurance system, as well as against accidents and temporary disability due to illness.

Moreover, all young employees benefit of a complex professional development program and mentoring, as well as spiritual and cultural line, within: "Union of Young Experts" internal structure of refinery, that celebrated 10 years of existence, last year (2016) and it is operating according to "Young Experts Body" of Company LUKOIL, in relation to its policy for young generation development.  

Year 2015 brings public acknowledgement of PETROTEL-LUKOIL to social contribution by being granted "The Award of Social Responsibility" by Trade Chamber and Industry of Prahova County. 

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