Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL develops a complex sponsorship and charity programe, in accordance with Company LUKOIL policy, towards employees and their familes, orphanages, human rights associations, veteran associations, as well as humanitarian cases. A committee of sponsor serves these interests in refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL.

Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL supports education, sports, and culture. Financial assistance is provided to orphanages ("Casa Eva", State orphanage "Ciresarii"), veterans (War Veteran Association), educational institutions ("Oil and Gas" University of Ploiesti and "Carmen Sylva" National Art College). On an ongoing basis sponsorship assistance is provided to the Romanian Federation of Russian Sambo. Corporate events are organized for holidays and memorable dates. Moreover Refinery is the organizer of annual Games among refinery and contractors employees.

Moreover, Refinery has significantly contributed to reconstruction of The Church that is to be found in the proximity of PETROTEL-LUKOIL, Church " Birth of Virgin Mary and Resurrection of Saint Lazar" , maintaining with the chrestians of the church a  permanent communication and providing them with support. 

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