Situated in the region of "black gold" with powerful roots in the land of the first refinery over the world-city Ploiesti, REFINERY PETROTEL-LUKOIL keeps the tradition of oilmen in an innovative way, a challenge of the best available technologies.

Taken over in 1998 by Company LUKOIL, the refinery has a processing capacity of 2.4 mln.tons/year, a processing depth of 99,5 and a Nelson index of 10.

Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL obtains and trades only products in compliance with European requirements, Euro5.  

PETROTEL-LUKOIL has totally fulfilled its legal obligations concerning the treatment of waste historical lagoons, at the end of 2013, one year earlier as required by legislation, investment into their treatment is about 40 mln. $.

Investment into modernization projects of technological objectives and into energetic efficiency of refinery, within 2004-2015 sum 570 mln. $.

Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL continues today its process of being up-to-date to latest technologies and best practices, maintaining a high professional level of its employees and seeking innovation to make every investment environment-oriented.

"PETROTEL-LUKOIL" Refinery was founded in 1904 under the name of the ROMANIAN-AMERICAN refinery at the initiative of the refinery co-owner from the American side "Standard Oil of New Jersey". 

In 1903 the representatives of the "Standard Oil" trust founded the Commercial oil company for oil refining after the acquisition of oil fields in Prahova and Moldova region. In 1904, according to the commercial order of the Appeal Court of Bucharest, the Romanian-American society is founded.  

Investment works started from the taking over of refinery by LUKOIL and lasted until the IV-th quarter of 2004 when the officially refinery start-up has been carried.

After refinery start-up, completely revamped, in the IV-th quarter of 2004, the processing capacity amounted 2,400,000 tons/year.

Currently, REFINERY PETROTEL-LUKOIL is the keeper of valuable documents and objects of all staged of refinery development within Museum PETROTEL-LUKOIL, officially inaugurated with National Romanian State Archives in 2015.