In a modern society, when the challenging business environment is constantly under unpredicted changes, no organization can afford to come to a standstill, to wait without taking the necessary measures for accomplishing the objectives proposed.

The ability to respond and adapt to the business environment requests shall make the difference – now, more than ever, the successful organizations accomplishing these efforts, from those that only fight for surviving.

The attention led to clients needs, the production technology and methods, and constant quality of the products, warranty the fact that, PETROTEL – LUKOIL S.A. represents an organization that susceded in establishing a ferm position on the market of petroleum products.

We put efforts to produce the whole range of the products at the heighest quality. At the same time, we are constantly trying to allign our products to European standards, in compliance with Legal Regulation.

We accomplish our ethical responsibilities represented by promoting the safe health and occupational, and also safe environment, particularly ensuring the well-being of each of those participating in the business provided by our organization: our Company's employees and their families, our partners, customers, customers and suppliers, all the communities living in the neighborhood of the areas in which we provide our activity, and other parties implied, influenced by our working environment. In all we do, we preserve the natural environment, and take into account the environmental requests at the level of the European Union.

With this purpose, we have established and implemented the quality management systems, environmental, health and occupational safe, allowing to control all the processes, the internal data distribution and assessment, the establishing and supervising of the objectives at organizational level, management responsibility at all levels, promoting a positive organizational culture, raising awareness of the employees and our partners, to be interested and actively implied in improving objectives.

These systems are certified, thus being confirmed by the fact that, our organization complies with the terms of Standard ISO 9001: 2008, concerning the Quality Management Systems, Standard ISO 14001: 2004, concerning the Environmental Management Systems, and OHSAS 18001: 2007, concerning the Occupational Safety and Safe Health Management Systems. "Certifications" represent the awarding of the quality of the qualified management activity, good organizational practices, alignment to the terms of quality, safe environment, health and safe.

  • Certificat ISO 14001
  • Certificat OHSAS 18001
  • Certificat ISO 9001

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