The total investments made by the Company in facilities related to environmental protection, exceeded 120 mil US dollars.

In 2013, "PETROTEL-LUKOIL" refinery completed waste lagoon treatment. From 5 waste lagoons located on 8 hectares more than 450 000 m³ of oil sludge have been processed, the area has been decontaminated and now the grass grows everywhere.

Environmental policy, as a strategic element of the general process management system aimed primarily the reconstruction of process units to produce petroleum products in compliance with the highest European standards.

The environmental investment projects in units from the time of refinery acquisition to the present day are the following:

  • Construction of FCC flue gas treatment unit;

  • Construction of a sulfur recovery unit (Claus);

  • Ensuring development of products in accordance with EURO 5 requirements;

  • Revamping of wastewater treatment plants;

  • Increasing of C3+ cut recovery from fuel gas system;

  • Optimization of combustion in furnaces;

  • Optimization of the process of amine absorption - desorption at the gas desulfurization unit.

Following its objectives in the field of environmental protection, JSC "PETROTEL-LUKOIL" completed at the beginning of May 2015 the most advanced project of FCC flue gas treatment unit. Based on the license of "BELCO TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATIONS", the project involved the reduction of emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and dust. The results obtained after putting the unit into operation were very good. Thus, emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and dust went down, below the limit set by national and European legislation in the field of environmental protection.

As a result of the technology and financial investment used in the waste treatment lagoons PETROTEL-LUKOILwas awarded in 2013 the "Oscar of Energy", on behalf of central media "Energynomics".

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