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„PETROTEL-LUKOIL" a Refinery founded in 1904, became a part of „LUKOIL" Group on the 12th of June 1998. As the main shareholder of the Business Enterprise, „LUKOIL" Company drafted a Revamping Programme provided for the increase of the products quality, decreasing loss and energetic consumptions, increasing the level of process safety and safe labor.

REFINERY is situated in the city of Ploiesti, belonging to county PRAHOVA, 60 km away from Bucharest, Romania s capital.

The revamping performed made it possible for „PETROTEL-LUKOIL" to become one of the top enterprises in the crude refining industry of Romania, significantly improving the crude refining depth – up to 99.5%, and increasing the quality of products; due to the high amount of investment in the revamping interval, the Enterprise is continuing the production capacities revamping plan and safe environment, complying with the General Development Programme of Refinery and UE requirements.

This is the contribution of „LUKOIL" Company to the environment and energy safety of Romania. It also represents the confirmation of the social responsibility provided by the Company within the territory in which it is present.

Complex investment program that has been put into PETROTEL-LUKOIL has led to all units to comply with BAT requirements and to follow Directive 2014/738/UE of 09.10.14 as for the best available technologies.

Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL is awarded the title "The Best Company of Group Lukoil" for year 2015, by President of Company, V. Alekperov, within direction of activity for oil and gas processing and petrochemistry. 

  • 2015 — The Award — "Green Personality Of Year 2015" Granted To Mr. Andrey Bogdanov, On Behalf Of Media Trust, "Infomediu Europa" 

  • 2015 — Certificate "The Best Organization Of The Group LUKOIL" Granted By President Of Company LUKOIL, 2015

  • 2013 — Energy Oscar Granted To Refinery Petrotel-LUKOIL, 2013, On The Occasion Of Waste Treatment Hystorical Lagoons, On Behalf Of Media Trust Energynomics  

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