Tehnologie Belco

{ 08.07.2015 0:00:00 }

The Press Services of Refinery PETROTEL-LUKOIL informs you that the Refinery completed one of the most modern facilities for decreasing the air emissions released from the Catalytic Cracking Unit. 

Based on the License awarded by “Belco Technologies Corporations”, the project aims at reducing the emissions of Sulphur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides and dust. The Start Up was successful, the emissions mentioned above decreasing significantly under the limits requested by the national and European regulation for safe environment. 

Designed taking into account the general environmental principles, this Plant generates a non-significant amount of wastes, mostly non-hazardous.

At this moment PETROTEL-LUKOIL Refinery completely meets the environmental requirements imposed by Decision 2014/738/UE on establishing emissions considering the best techniques available (BAT) for refining mineral crudes and gases.

 With the commissioning of the Plant for decreasing the emissions in the air, there was also completed the Action Plan required by the Integrated Environmental Authorization.

Taking further the advantage of support provided by LUKOIL Company, PETROTEL-LUKOIL Refinery further aims to achieve new environmental projects that will bring an increase in the safety of the process plants, and minimize the impact on the community.

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